A ceiling lift is a device that transports your loved one along an overhead track system, the lift works alongside a sling that holds the loved one securely during the transfer. A secure and effective mechanism to transfer patients with limited independent mobility. Designed with caregivers in mind,  ceiling lifts are perfect for home use. Ceiling lift systems gives a new sense of confidence. See the perfect Ceiling Lift for your loved one. 

A fixed ceiling lift is a permanent fixture on the rail. Lifts are attached to an indoor ceiling track, meaning they are installed in one room and will remain attached to the track all the time. 

Portable Ceiling Lifts uses a free-standing track system that needs to be set up and can be taken down with each use. It is easily portable and can be moved in different homes and is also great for vacation.

A portable free standing lift stand function as a stationary lift system. Best for any space where a permanent, fixed ceiling track installation isn’t practical

A Floor Lift is movable and consists of a sling attached to a stand on wheels. It takes the whole weight of a patient, unlike a sit-to-stand lift.



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