UP Stairlift


Unique in its kind. The UP Stairlift is distinguished by the modular rail, luxurious finish and comes by default with all conceivable options, like powered footrest, powered swivel (at top and bottom), luxury leather upholstery, intercom (VOIP) and WiFi. The modular rail is adjustable (on site), reusable and fits on every staircase.


Does climbing stairs feel like climbing a mountain or is climbing stairs no longer possible for you? We understand you would like to live independently in your own home for as long as possible, but in a safe way. With the UP Stairlift, we offer you this independence and much more. For example, you can easily get on and off the chair with the automatically rotating seat and it is no longer necessary to bend over thanks to the automatically folding footrest. The UP Stairlift takes you safely up and down.

A unique stairlift that is changing the traditional stairlift market worldwide.


* Up to 125 kg Maximum load capacity

* Almost 2x lighter, Thanks to the aluminum rails

* The seat of the UP Stairlift is made of artificial leather and available in four colors. The luxurious design makes the stairlift fit perfect into any interior. With our design we introduced a new and unique stairlift to the market. A beautiful piece of furniture.

* A considerably smaller profile – Compared to commonly used rails, our rail has a considerably smaller profile. The rail is designed so your staircase is not blocked. In the image on the side you can see the difference, with on the right the rail of the UP Stairlift and on the left of two other suppliers, in proportion to the size of the stairlift itself.

* Accessible from your stairlift – The intercom and joystick are fitted as standard in the right armrest of the stairlift. In case of a malfunction you can reach the help desk with the intercom. Your stairlift will then be checked remotely and you will be provided with a solution immediately, if possible. In this way you always have immediate remote assistance.

* The UP Stairlift has a slim design. The armrests, footrest and seat can be folded up when you are not using the stairlift. This leaves enough space on the stairs for normal use or any emergency situations.

* Fully automatic (Safe. No more bending over. Get on and off safely) – The UP Stairlift comes standard with an automatic swivel chair and footrest. This way you do not have to bend over to fold or unfold the footrest. This happens fully automatically after you fold the armrests down or up. In addition, the seat at the top and bottom of the stairs automatically swivels away from the stairs, so you can get on and off safely.

* Modular rail (Fits perfectly on every staircase. Fully automatic) – Due to the unique modular rail, the UP Stairlift fits on every staircase. The rail consists of only 2 parts and can be fully customized on site. This prevents long delivery times and high prices.

* Our hinge rail (Fits perfectly next to each door. Fully automatic) – Do you have a door right next to your stairs that would cause the stairlift to block the door? No problem, with our hinge rail it is possible to place your stairlift directly next to a door. The hinge rail automatically folds in after use, so it does not block the door.

* Control the stairlift as you like– The stairlift is usually operated with the joystick on the armrest. As it can happen that different people use the stairlift, the stairlift might be upstairs while you are not or vice versa. This requires a remote control to operate the stairlift down or up again. Besides a remote control, we also offer an app with which you can easily operate your stairlift remotely via your own smartphone.


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