Handicare 1000 Straight Stairlift

Handicare 1000 Straight Stairlift


The 1000 track offers a sleek look and takes up less room along your staircase to ensure others can safely get by.


The sleekest track in our range, the 1000 provides minimal intrusion into the staircase. Its anodized aluminum rail offers a stylish and unexposed solution with a hidden gear rack that can safely lift up to 440 lbs. Handicare has been a world leader in innovative lifting and mobility solutions for 130 years, providing safe solutions such as the 1000 stairlift.

Ergonomic and innovative design features:

* CONVENIENT – For an easier exit, swivel your seat toward the landing once you reach the top, either manually or upgrade to our automatic powered option.
* SAFE – Surrounded by safety sensors, Handicare stairlifts are designed to stop if meeting an obstruction keeping you safe and still on your seat.
* INTUITIVE – The toggle control was designed in collaboration with occupational therapists to ensure it is easy-touse and operate – simply push with your hand, arm or wrist in the direction you want to
* VERSATILE – The outdoor stairlift is UV protected and weatherproofed to withstand the elements. Includes a waterproof cover so it is always dry and ready.
* ADAPTABLE – The Perch Seat option is ideal for users with limited hip and knee flexibility. The low profile “perch” style seat means your legs don’t have to bend to use it yet you still feel secure.
* REVOLUTIONARY – The 1000 can be combined with a powered or manual hinge solution to prevent the track from obstructing a doorway at the base of the stairs.

• Includes user-friendly retractable seatbelt
Not available on the XXL model

Each unit comes with 2 handheld remotes to easily
retrieve the stairlift.
• Prevent unauthorized use with provided key.
• Durable add-on packages for commercial and heavy duty
applications available.
• Limited lifetime warranty on the motor and gearbox;
2 year manufacturer’s parts warranty.


Smart Seat: We know the seat on your stairlift isn’t just for sitting. Everyone has a unique set of needs and preferences to ensure they have a comfortable ride, every time. So, we developed the Smart Seat – our most versatile design that offers users an array of options and upgrades.
* Available in 6 leather grain, anti-slip upholstery options including Cocoa, Jade, Ruby, Sand, Sapphire and Slate.
* Easy to clean, durable and water-resistant
* Adjustable height, width and depth
* Optional arm spacers to ensure the perfect fit for every rider
* Easily upgraded to a powered swivel or attach a body harness

Perch Seat: Ideal for those with knee or hip flexion problems, the Perch Seat alleviates the need to sit down each time you ride the stairlift. Less deep and higher than a traditional seated system, it allows you to use the stairlift without attaining a fully seated position. Instead, you are almost standing, using the half seat for support. The Perch Seat is also a perfect solution for narrow staircases where standard stairlift seats do not have clearance or knees may collide with the opposite rail’s banister.

* Available in 6 leather grain, anti-slip upholstery options including Cocoa, Jade, Ruby, Sand, Sapphire and Slate.
* Easy to clean, durable and water-resistant.


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